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Writer/Director/Actor/Comedian with with 28 years of experience, won 4 Awards from short film festivals "Soft Might," "White Tiger Yellow Tiger," & "Enter the Paper Tiger,"

Won Best Supporting Actor Award 
Best Supporting Actor from Asian on Film Festival:

performed over 1,000 Comedy Shows, 5 feature length Movies and 9 TV shows and with over 38 TV commercials.

Was on CBS sitcom "The Millers", 2 episodes on FOX TV "Rake", In Nickelodeon "ICarly", 2 episodes of "Weeds" season 7 on Showtime, 2 episodes of FOX "24" action TV show, and appeared on NBC "The Event"

An Actor in movies includes "50 First Dates" with Adam Sandler.
Peter was a regular comedian at the Improv, ths Comedy Store, the Ice House and the Laugh Factory.

A very talented Writer/Director, a very convincing comedic and dramatic Actor and always funny Comedian and Actor

Award winning script, an Action Comedy feature film called


Script Award 2011Certificate of ExcellentHonorable Mention

currently looking for funding.

"Saving Face" a true Documentary

Saving Face a true documentary

A true Story which took 15 years to make. Peter Chen is an Award winning Film maker number one two years in a row (2000/2001) in a Film Festival: Documentary Catagory.

Click the picture to the left to view the True Documentary Film.


Tai Chi Instructions by Peter Chen

Improv Flier with Tai Chi

Tai Chi is the Chinese way to a healthier and longer life, Tai Chi has been practiced over a 1000 years and has evolved into different styles. Tai Chi is the path to health and wellness.

Tai Chi is one of the most effective way to develop a balanced body and mind.

It helps & develops:

  • Improves overall Body Health, Circulations, Flexibility, and Calmness of Mind !
  • Improves Muscle Tone, Strength, Co-ordination, Balance, and Agility !
  • Promotes Self Relaxation and Relieves Stress !

For those who wish to be healthier and live longer? Come for Tai Chi Class.

Tai Chi is also a soft martial art, a very powerful form of self-defense.

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Improv Workshop

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Soft Might short video

"Soft Might"

Action Fox TV "24"

Scene on FOX TV "24"

Blind Dates

"Blind Date"

50 First Dates

Scene on "50 first Dates"

Belly Dancer scene

"Belly Dancer"

1 min StandUp Comedy show

1 min Standup Comedy

Romance in the desert

"Romantic Scene"

Clean Comedy Show

Clean Comedy Show

White Tiger Yellow Tiger short video

"White Tiger Yellow Tiger"

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Standup Comedy at the Improv

Comedy at the IMPROV

Ice House Comedy Show

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Saving Face a True Doc.

"SAVING FACE" a True Doc.

Ice House Comedy Show

Comedy show

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